The Founders

Leticia and I (Clayton) have been married for 25 years. We both have the gift of ADHD, and we have “Only Son” John, who, as you might expect has the gift of ADHD as well. So our home of three counts for six!

Leticia’s passion is mental health and she’s poured herself into understanding it for years. Her knowledge of ADHD and other associated conditions is impressive.  She brings a lot to the conversation.

As adults diagnosed late in life we learned certain coping skills along the way, but as we look at our individual histories, we both suffered by undiagnosed ADHD.  The study skills planner that we sold to Sylvan Learning Centers for 15 years to teach organization and planning skills took on a new meaning when our son was diagnosed with ADHD followed by our own diagnoses.

For us, we exhausted every natural solution possible. Supplements, diet, physical…and we found some stuff really helped, but Only Son still suffered in school, and his impact in our home caused problems.

We spent a week with Dr. Hallowell and his wife at their Family Camp in Glen Arbor, MI in 2014 and we finally decided to “try” some tried and true ADHD drugs.  Wow.  What a difference it made!  It’s not been without challenges, though.

Only Son is genetically thin like his dad. ADHD meds don’t help gain weight, and he hates being thin.  We pulled him off the meds a couple of times and went back to the natural route with terrible results.

So in 2016, we tried eight grade without the meds.  With half his grades at solid Fs, we pivoted and put him back on meds. Things turned for the better, but he was still very disorganized.  Missing papers and homework assignments.

Out of frustration, we pulled out the planner and enforced it’s use.

First-semester grades?  3.0 GPA.

Meds, parenting skills, and the planner worked.