Lucky with ADD

I have to say that I feel pretty darn lucky to know what explains my behavior, in part, and to have a son who has ADD because it forces me to look closer at how I can best meet our individual needs and parent us both.  It has caused me to break out of the box of assumptions, and not take anything for granted in my knowledge and understanding of myself, him or others.  It has caused me to truly live my life in a way that I realize the worth in seeking to understand first, beginning with myself.

I was diagnosed at the age of 45 after experiencing a season of family tragedy.  I received my diagnosis and confirmation of ADD from a pediatrician, psychologist and child/adult psychiatrist specializing in ADD.  What came for me out of that diagnosis was the dawn of a new world and a new way of life once I began treatment which consisted of: acknowledging I had ADD, educating myself, counseling, implementing new strategies for living, and medication. (I’m working on self coaching right now using Nancy Ratey’s The Disorganized Mind which is absolutely blowing me away with strategies to implement in my every day life.)

Today, for the first time ever I truly believe I have the tools I need to build the life I really want in my relationships and in my profession. I’ve seen major results since treating it in my marriage, parenting, and friendships.  And, I am just now beginning to implement those strategies in my profession.  With this intentionality, I am confident that I will see results here as well.  Even with the baby steps that I am making interpersonally, I see that my treatment plan is helping me build the momentum I could’ve never had otherwise, in ensuring a happier more fulfilled life where I can live the story I want my life to tell, and avoid many of the pitfalls that are common to ADDers.  If I have any challenge, it is to follow thru with “unwrapping the gift of ADD” (a term Dr. Edward Hallowell uses) in my self and others, and in seeking to understand myself and others better every day.  My ADD diagnosis has given me fresh eyes to love better and made me a true believer that things aren’t always as they seem, even when it appears so.

Great resources are Dr. Edward Hallowell’s Driven to Distraction, Delivered From Distraction, Superparenting ADD, and Crazy Busy

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