Student Planners and Study Skills

I can’t keep quite any longer.   I may be yelling into the void of cyberspace but at least I feel better when I’m done.

I’ve been watching the education business since I first started working at a local Sylvan Learning Franchise back in the early 90’s.  I’ve watched in amazement here in Texas how TEKS and the measuring stick TAKS test were implemented with the best of intention only to dump an inappropriate burden on both the schools and many of the students that just don’t test well (I was one of those kids).

What I didn’t have and what all student’s deserve is access to solid study skills.  If you check the Research page of our website, you will see that of the 5 skills that impact course achievement in college, only Organization and Planning skills and Study Skills are subject areas that can actually be taught in school.  This means that of all the things educators can do to help students be successful it’s teaching them organization and planning and study skills.

In most cases, that job is left up to individual teachers to do as part of their instructional duties.  Teachers are more than capable of doing this but what if they don’t?  What better way to impact the entire school than to roll out a campus wide, common study skills solution that gives lift to every student at the same time?   This gives the school the power to actually measure the results and determine if the solution is working or not.

Learning Study Skills is more than a one time event, these skills are developed over time and reinforced by repeative use.  In other words, they are learned through practice.  The AgenDUH by AgendaWorks and Study Smarts is the most effective, inexpensive and effective way to start building study skills in a school.

More to come on how the AgenDUH does this.

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