The Research

Five Factors Determine the Success in College

The 5 critical factors that determine course achievement of college students:

1. General Organization and Planning
2. Environmental Restructuring
3. External Regulation
4. Recall Ability
5. Typical Study Strategies

According to the research, teachers can play a significant role in teaching organization and planning skills.

“However, general organization/planning contributed to the explanation of achievement variance beyond that explained by the other variables, including prior grades. Further, unlike prior grades, organization and planning can be manipulated. That is, students can be taught to plan and organize their work.” 1

“Factor One of the scale (General Organization and Planning strategies), and SAT score significantly contributed to the explanation of achievement beyond that accounted for by other variables… Of interest is that the unique contribution of General Organization and Planning was greater than that of SAT score. More importantly, organization and planning are teachable processes and instruction in this self-regulatory skill may significantly enhance student achievement”.2

Can a planner really make a difference?


Especially if it is designed for the academic setting.

This isn’t a one-time effort. It is the systematic and repeated use of the AgendaWorks Advantage Planner that will help your student develop better organization and planning skill that will lead to better study strategies.

By giving a student a 15-hour, daily schedule, plenty of room to write and a few external prompts he will begin to learn how to effectively plan his day. This is a fundamental skill a student needs to be successful in school (and in life).

1 2Prior achievement, aptitude, and use of learning strategies as predictors of college student achievement, by Linda S. Garavalia and Margaret E. Gredler (College Student Journal, Dec.1, 2002). Read More…

The Advantage Planner is the planning tool you need.