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A great combination - a planner designed for University Students and a great addition to your bookstore planner offerings.

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Study Strategies...fundamental to Success

Preparing students to be successful in college and life is the goal. Performance on standardized tests is the measurement of the goal. Like it or not, it's the field on which we play.

Research shows that five factors play heavily on how successful you are in accomplishing these two objectives. And of those five contributing factors you can teach only 2 of them, Organization and Planning and Study Strategies.

Let's talk about Study Strategies. In a national survey of school guidance counselors by the American School Counselor Association, 60% believe that students are not adequately prepared to tackle homework assignments. And 70% report that teachers in their school think that students have poor study skills.

Chances are you've passed the college entrance exam but you still have some gaps in your study strategies. A great planner can help you fill in those gaps.

*In the same study, 47% of the counselors maintain that extracurricular activities interfere with homework.

How do we do this? Plenty of room to capture homework assignments, personal to-do lists and full 15 hour schedule to find those chinks (20 - 30 minutes) and chunks (2 - 3 hours) of time in their schedule to get their studies done.

Now, how about Organization and Planning skills? The number one predictor of academic success in college is a skill that can be taught and learned.


How does a student think about their day, develop a plan and then execute it (do it)? That is the genesis of AgendaWorks. Think. Plan. Do. By devoting a full page per day with plenty of room to write, students have a tool that they will use, day after day to develop organization and planning skills that work for them.

Why It Works

1. A 15-hour schedule to teach students where their time goes and how to fit their studies into a schedule

2. Repetition - the systematic use of a tool day after day, year after year will instill this critical life skill in your students and over time it will impact their grades.

3. Room to write - see the actual feedback on our testimonials page from students, teachers and parents. Planners that don't provide enough space for students to write end up in the trash can or under the car seat.

Agendaworks...Think. Plan. Do.



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A different kind of company
Agenda Works is like no other company you've ever worked with.

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A different kind of planner
The AgenDUH Planner is like nothing you've ever seen or used.

Developed from experience and backed by research, our planner will get used by students and teach them organization and study skills..

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