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Improving Their Study Skills

Below you will find a number of steps extracted from an Article on helping students improve their study skills. The list is not exhaustive, rather it calls out the specific tasks that require a true page-per-day planner in order to implement. Editorial comments added in [brackets].

1. Reinforce using planners every day and encourage students to set aside a specific time each day to study. [Only a full 15 hour schedule provides the abilty to schedule these blocks of time when they are available]

2. Teach students to set aside a study agenda. Generally it is a good idea to schedule the most difficult task first. [Agendaworks planners give students room to prioritize their tasks and a place to actually schedule them]

3. Provide an assignment guide that breaks long-term assignments down into weekly tasks and include boxes where students can check off tasks as they are completed. [AgendaWorks planners have a special section that allows students to do exactly this exercise with larger projects]

4. Show students how to prioritize their assignments and focus on one specific task at a time, rather than jumping from one assignment to another unrelated one. [A full 15 hour schedule helps students slot their most important tasks into their day]

5. Teach students to plan their study time in 60 minute blocks, 50 minutes for study followed by a 10-minute break. [The AgendaWorks 15 hour schedule is broken down into 60 minute blocks]

6. Have students write a reminder at the bottom of their planners to put completed homework in their notebooks and backpacks to turn in at the end of the class period. [50 square inches of planning space gives students all the room they need to make notes such as this]

7. Teach students to give themselves a reward at the end of study time (e.g. watch TV, call a friend, play a game, listen to music). [How do you schedule a reward without a schedule?]

You will see these same bullets called out as effective study tips in many planners, but none of them give you a format to accomplish all of them. Only the AgendaWorks line of planners are uniquely designed to provide this level support to students.

Think. Plan. Do.

Lambert, Monica A., Nowacek, Jane. "Help High School Students Improve Their Study Skills", Intervention in School & Clinic. Vol. 41, Issue 4, 2006

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