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A University Student Planner

Bridging the gap between high school planners and traditional work-place planners is the sweet spot that AgendaWorks fills. Students immediately see the distinction of our planners the minute they pick them up.





The AgendaWorks Planners are 8.75" high x 5.75" wide

392 pages

Just under 1" thick

The AgendaWorks Planner


This innovative planner is designed to help University Students make better grades by giving them a full-page layout organized in a unique and common sense way making it easy to structure and prioritize assignments and activities.

College Bookstores across the US are carrying the AgendaWorks University Planner. It's a great alternative offering to students hungry for a proven time management system.

Learning Styles

Don't know your particular learning style? Then take the Learning Style Assessment and arm yourself with this key piece of you learn. This simple piece of information alone can unlock significant improvements in how you approach the business of learning.


Reading and Writing

Also included are authoritative sections on Reading to Learn and Essay Writing...both identified in recent research as critical skill gaps in many college students.


Project Management

How are your project managment skills? Our unique project managment templates will give you a framework for knocking out those long-term projects on time.


Your Life is Now!

The piece entitled Your Life is NOW, written by Dr. Tommy Darwin will ask you some tough philosophical questions about your role in college and get you thinking about how you should approach these important college years.


Resource Pages

Finally, the planner is chock full of Algebra, Geometry, Trig and Physics formulas as well as a Table of Elements and a host of other pages to help you be as successful as you can be.


This is the most comprehensive planner available for the University Student.


AgendaWorks is pioneering better ways to help you get organized and build the skills you need to be competitive today and in the future.


AgendaWorks...Forging better lives, one day at at time. Let us help you build yours.



Study Strategies

Weekly Schedules
Grade Tracking Sheets
Your Life Is Now
Learning Styles
Goal Setting
Test Taking

Reading to Learn

Writing Essays

Project Planning

Note Taking

How to use the planner

Perimeter & Circ.
Surface & Volume
Test Taking Strategies
Algebra Formulas

Geometry Formulas

Trigonometry Formulas


Periodic Elements

World Maps


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A different kind of company
AgendaWorks is like no other company you've ever worked with.

We have a simple business model; deliver the most effective student planner, at the highest quality possible, at a fair price.
A different kind of planner
The AgendaWorks Planner is like nothing you've ever seen or used.

Developed from experience and backed by research, our planner will get used by students and teach them organization and study skills.

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