The research supports it. Organization and planning skills topped the list of predictors of academic success in college.










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Simple and Effective - All class assignments and daily to-do items make their way to the right and up into the daily schedule. It is the combination of identifying the priorities of the day and then owning when they will get done that builds internal accountability and confidence in students.


Remember - students need to learn HOW to learn. That includes managing their time effectively. Teachers teach. Parents set the boundries and then let the student fail often and early until their internal compass alings with reality. Give them credit...they'll figure it out!

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A different kind of company
AgendaWorks is like no other company you've ever worked with.

We have a simple business model; deliver the most effective student planner, at the highest quality possible, at a fair price.
A different kind of planner
The AgendaWorks Planner is like nothing you've ever seen or used.

Developed from experience and backed by research, our planner will get used by students and teach them organization and planning skills.

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